Herbal Medicine Holistic Health Consultation
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Herbal Medicine Holistic Health Consultation

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For your convenience, we offer consults remotely via telephone, FaceTime or Zoom. In-Person consults are no longer available.

90 minutes: $135 - This visit includes a thorough review of your health history, tongue and pulse readings and a written up Holistic Health Plan. Recommended herbs are an additional cost.

60 minutes: $85 - This visit allows time for a follow up to review your health history and any progress or adjustments to your Holistic Health Plan. 

30 minutes: $45 - This visit allows for brief questions and herbal recommendations specific to your needs.

The cost of recommended herbs, extracts, supplements or essential oils is not included in the consultation fee. Prices vary. We offer our locally made and organically grown medicines from our Apothecary and can create a custom formula for you.

Please select the appropriate consult you would like to make an appointment for. At check out, please select the date you want to book, and write any comments about your time flexibility in the order instructions box.  Please allow 24-48 hrs for an email response confirming your appointment date and time.

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Follow up appointments are recommended and available in person or remotely.