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What is Reiki? (pronounced "RAY-kee")

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of healing that uses intelligent, high vibration energy to balance the body, mind and spirit.  It is healing energy that purifies, balances, harmonizes and cleanses on all levels. It works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki has the ability to bring us back to our natural and whole state. Receiving a Reiki session can help reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, relieve pain and facilitate the body's natural process of self-healing.

The word "REI" means universe, and "KI" (or Qi, chi or prana)  means life force. Therefore, the word "Reiki" translates to "Universal Life Force". The healing techniques of Reiki can be used in a variety of ways. The method involves the practitioner placing her hands in specific positions slightly above or lightly upon the body. Reiki energy is then transmitted to the body’s organs and glands and subtle energy system. Reiki can also be done from a distance.

 Reiki promotes your health and well-being and supports the body’s innate ability to heal. Reiki is beneficial for a variety of health conditions, either acute or chronic. Reiki may be used for pain and stress reduction, relaxation, anxiety, side effects due to cancer treatments and for people in transition. Reiki knows where it needs to go in your body, and always works for your highest good. Reiki empowers you to heal the Whole Self, balancing body, mind and spirit.

Reiki energy comes directly from the highest spiritual source. It works in harmony with other healing techniques by increasing their effectiveness. For this reason, I love to include crystals, botanicals and essential oils in my Reiki sessions and offer those options if desired.

Healing with Reiki can guide you on your spiritual path to a life filled with health, joy, beauty and peace. Thank you for allowing me the honor to be a conduit for your healing.

How do I receive Reiki?

  • Arrive to your appointment in loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Come with an open mind. Set an intention for what you would like to experience.
  • If you are spiritual, say a prayer to receive profound healing during a session.
  • Close your eyes. Breathe deeply.
  • Let your mind take you where it wants you to go. Certain emotions, memories, guides, Angels or people may come up during a session. Notice them and allow them to guide you.
  • Notice if you see any colors, light, visions or hear any sounds.
  • Feel the warmth and vibrating Reiki energy moving through you.
  • After each session, you will have the opportunity to discuss any personal observations that came up and I will help you to interpret them for further guidance and inspiration.

How often should I receive Reiki?

  • Once a week is ideal, or 1-2 times a month, depending on your stress and energy level. 

What is Distance Reiki?

Reiki energy flows beyond the boundaries of time and space. Distance Reiki is energy that is sent to the recipient from a distance, as opposed to receiving hands on Reiki in person.

How does Distance Reiki work? 

Distance Reiki works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. Think of Reiki as an energy frequency. 

The telephone, radio, TV and internet all use energy frequencies we can’t see in order to function. The electricity in our homes does the same. All of these have to be tuned to the particular frequency they operate at in order to work. They all have different ways to adjust the flow of energy built in so that we can turn them on, off or use them regularly.

Distance Reiki works the same way. It is energy that must be “tuned” to the person it is being sent to. Once it is “tuned in” it will flow through the energy currents that exist naturally, just the same way that a phone signal or wifi signal does. Distance is no object for it, just as it is no object for the internet or phone communications. The energy that surrounds us carries all of these energies to the intended receiver. 

Invoking the Distance Reiki symbol and the intention of the Hermetic Law of Similarity during a distance Reiki session allows the practitioner to link an object to the energy field of the recipient. Typically the recipient's photo, or an object that represents the recipient is used, along with crystals and sometimes Aromatherapy.

Some Reiki practitioners say that using a photo or an object is unnecessary, as we can send Reiki energy to anyone simply by directing our thoughts and energy with the intention alone. Setting up a mutual time is also helpful, so the recipient is open to receiving the energy. However, distance Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere and at any time, so long as the recipient has given permission.

Crystals and Aromatherapy

In-person Reiki sessions are available with crystals and Aromatherapy as an option. Using genuine and authentic organic essential oils, you will be treated with soothing Aromatherapy and healing chakra crystals while simultaneously receiving the balancing energy of Reiki.


  • $85 for 1 hour In-Person session
  • $55 for ½ hour In-Person session
  • $100 for 1 hour house call (I come to you)
  • $55 for 30 minute Distance Reiki session

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About My Reiki Certification

My Reiki path began in 2010 when I was studying Clinical Herbalism. 

They say that Reiki often finds you when you need it. Reiki energy is intelligent and intuitive. I am grateful that Reiki appeared in my life when it did. I have been practicing Reiki every day since.

In February 2011, I completed the attunements and training in Reiki levels l (Shoden) and ll (Okuden), of the Usui Reiki Ryoho tradition.

I started my Reiki practice in 2012 when Soothing Herbals Apothecary and Holistic Healing Practice opened doors in Lexington, VA. Since then, I've been offering hands on Reiki and Distance Reiki sessions to my clients.

In March 2015, I completed my Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master attunement and training, of the Usui Shiki Ryoho traditions.

Since 2019, I have also been incorporating Angelic Reiki and Karuna Reiki in my sessions with clients. 


Waiver of Liability 

Clients are reminded that it is their personal right and responsibility to make educated choices in their own and their family’s health care. Soothing Herbals LLC does not make these choices for the client but provides educational resources in the history and traditions of Reiki. 

Only a physician (MD) can diagnose, treat and prescribe medicines for an illness. My role as a Reiki Practitioner is to assess the client as a whole person and to deliver Reiki to the client with or without aromatherapy and other lifestyle recommendations.