Chin Velasquez is a Clinical Herbalist, Aromatherapist and owner of Soothing Herbals LLC, a local Apothecary and Holistic Healing Practice in downtown Lexington, Virginia. It is her mission to promote health and wellness by providing quality products and services with integrity and affordability.

Chin offers an attentive, holistic approach to healing by providing a personalized, knowledgeable and intuitive assessment of your health needs. She is committed to educating the consumer on the proper use of herbs, essential oils and extracts. She is passionate about empowering people to heal in body, mind and spirit. 

Chin received her training in Western herbalism at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Boulder, Colorado in 1996. This was a year long intensive program focusing on Anatomy and Physiology, Botany, Plant Identification, Western Herbal Therapeutics, Herbal Pharmacy, Organic Gardening, Aromatherapy and Whole Foods Nutrition.

From 2004-2007, Chin studied Integrative Ayurvedic Herbalism with Candis Cantin, Herbal Wisdom with Matthew Wood and Sacred Plant Medicine with Stephen Buhner. In 2011, Chin completed her training as a Clinical Herbalist with Kathleen Maier at Sacred Plant Traditions in Charlottesville, VA and also worked in their free clinic. Chin holds International Certification in Aromatherapy from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in San Rafael, CA. She is also attuned and trained in Reiki II.

Chin is a member of United Plant Savers and has an established UpS Botanical Sanctuary at her home in Goshen, VA. It is this Botanical Sanctuary where she plants and grows the herbs used in the products she formulates and creates for Soothing Herbals LLC. Chin has been an organic gardener for the past 15 years and completed the Master Gardeners course in her local community in 2007. She lives in Goshen, VA with her family and dogs.