Facial Care Sets

$ 69.00


Pamper yourself or give these sets as a gift. It’s the perfect thing to have for your daily cleansing ritual.

We offer 2 sets: 

#1 Facial Care Gift Set $75

Packaged in a natural burlap sac, this set includes:

4oz Rose Chamomile Face Wash
4oz Floral Facial Scrub
4oz Chamomile Rose Toner
2oz Calendula & Chamomile Cream
2oz Divine Face Creme                         sample vial Restore Facial Serum


 #2 Facial Care Starter Set $69

The set includes the following essentials to care for your face:

  • 2oz Rose Chamomile Face Wash
  • 2oz Chamomile Rose Toner
  • 2oz Divine Face Creme
  • 1oz Restore Facial Serum


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