Aromatherapy Bar - Make Your Own
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Aromatherapy Bar - Make Your Own

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You can make your own Aromatherapy Spritzer by blending distilled water with essential oils. They make a nice toner, skin fresheners, body mist, perfume, linen or room spray. Body oils and Perfume are made by blending essential oils into a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond, Apricot kernel or Jojoba oil. General guidelines are 30-60 total drops of essential oil in 4oz of water or carrier oil for the Body Oil and 50 drops total in the .35oz tube of Jojoba oil for the Pocket Perfume.

Aromatherapy Spritzer- Here you can buy an empty 4oz spray bottle for making a Spritzer. Add 30-60 drops of essential oil to distilled water. You must supply your own distilled water and essential oils.

Body Oil- For your convenience, you can purchase a ready made bottle with the carrier oil of your choice for your Body Oil creation. Add 30-60 drops of essential oil to the carrier oil. You must supply your own essential oils.

Pocket Perfume- Also available for your convenience is a glass roll-on tube filled with Jojoba oil for your personal perfume creation. Pop the plastic ball sealer off and add 50 drops of essential oil to the tube. You must supply your own essential oils. Although this is only .35oz compared to the 4oz for Body Oil, it is the same price as the Body oil because the glass roll-on tubes cost more. 

Get the spray bottle for your Spritzer, the disc top bottle full of unscented carrier oil for your Body Oil, or the glass roll-on tube full of unscented Jojoba oil for your Pocket Perfume

Carrier oils are available in:

Sweet Almond

Apricot Kernel


4oz empty spray bottle $3.00

4oz Body oil $15.00

.35oz pocket perfume  $16.00

**Note: please specify which carrier oil you want by sending an email to: after you place your order.