Botanical Sanctuary

We are honored and proud to introduce our land as an established Botanical Sanctuary in the United Plant Savers network. Our Botanical Sanctuary is a sacred space and educational retreat we have created at our home on 2 acres of land, located in Goshen, Virginia— 15 miles west of Lexington, VA, bordering the George Washington National Forest, in between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountain ranges. Our land is a combination of open fields and coniferous and deciduous forest. In the many years that we’ve lived here, we have been blessed with excellent soil that gives us beautiful gardens where we plant, grow and harvest the herbs that go into Soothing Herbals line of products.

We have several perennial and annual garden beds that are homes to Calendula, Chamomile, Comfrey, St. John’s wort, Arnica, Lavender, Rosemary, Monarda, Echinacea purpurea and paradoxa, Marshmallow, Elecampane, Sage, Thyme, Horehound, Angelica, Valerian, Butterfly Weed and many, many more. We are also blessed to have native medicinal “at-risk” plants growing in our woods, such as Goldenseal, Black Cohosh and Bloodroot.

We are grateful to United Plant Savers for giving us a grant, which was used to purchase many more “at-risk” and “to watch” plants to establish in our gardens and woods for educational purposes. Our first group of visitors was the 2005 kindergarten class of the local Montessori School in Lexington. The children participated in our first plant restoration project, where they planted young rootlets and plants including American Ginseng, Goldenseal, Wild Yam, Helonias Root, Trillium, True Unicorn, Blue Cohosh, Gentian, Partridge Berry, Pink Root, Spikenard, Stone Root, Turkey Corn, Wild Indigo, Wild Ginger and Maidenhair Fern along our woodland medicine trail. We are so blessed with all these incredible plants that are here to grow with us.

Gardens are wonderful learning environments for all ages. We welcome all to come volunteer or just pay us a visit.

At Soothing Herbals Botanical Sanctuary, it is our intention to protect, preserve and restore the native wild plants that surround us, while educating our local community about plant conservation. This land is here to serve as a botanical educational retreat center to our community in Rockbridge County and surrounding areas. We intend to deepen our connection with Mother Nature through our commitment to the plants by offering herb walks and workshops on plant conservation, herbal medicine and herbal product making. 

We design and plant our gardens always being conscious of caring for our planet and the interconnection of all life.

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For information about United Plant Savers and establishing a Botanical Sanctuary,
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