Aromatherapy Facials

Have you ever experienced an Aromatherapy Facial?

This is a wonderful way to treat yourself and take time to appreciate your face.

It involves a 4 step process of facial rejuvenation: cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing.

Your face will be treated to Soothing Herbals line of Facial products: Floral Facial Scrub, Rose Chamomile Face Wash, Facial Toner, Divine Face Creme and Restore Facial Serum. Custom essential oils are added as desired. A mini facial massage is also included. A deep cleansing clay mask and Reiki are also offered as add on treatments.

An Aromatic facial endows you with glowing skin and a clean complexion. It removes dead skin cells from your face, revealing a radiant glow, fresh skin and leaving you looking and feeling beautiful. This process will also detoxify and purify your skin from within, while uplifting your mood and enhancing your energy. 

$50 for 30 minute Aromatherapy Facial 

$90 for 1 hour Aromatherapy Facial with Clay Mask and Reiki

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