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Happy Spring!!

In The Shop spring equinox

What an auspicious full moon we got for this year’s Spring Equinox. It was the brightest and biggest full moon ever, or so I heard, since it was the closest the Earth has been to the moon in 18 years. An incredible event to mark New beginnings and the cycle of Life. We planted our seeds and look forward to all the new life that has yet to take form this year. We have a lot of news to share with you this month. New Products, Our Herbal CSA, 2011 Farmer’s Market Schedule and more. Stay tuned.

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The Flu?

Elder berry eucalyptus Fennel flu remedy In The Shop lavender Lemongrass roman chamomile rosemary Tulsi

I’ve just recovered from a violent illness. It felt like the flu, but I’m not sure what it was. It first hit my son with a fever that lasted 5 days then gave him a nasty cough, and when it hit me, I got a headache, fever, chills, runny nose, muscle aches, and could not get out of bed. The Dr. says it couldn’t be the flu because it only lasted 2- 3 days, but if it was, I have the herbs to thank for shortening the duration. We took Elder berry and flower 3x a day, drank Tulsi, Lemongrass...

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An Herbal CSA

Herbal CSA In The Shop

Beginning this year Soothing Herbals is offering the opportunity for you to join a community- supported, locally grown healthcare movement with our first Medicinal Herbal CSA. The Medicinal Herbal CSA is designed to support general health, prevent illness and cope with minor issues such as colds, flus, burns and minor wounds. Shares will contain various herbal tinctures, tea blends, syrups, elixirs, salves, infused oils, essential oils, crèmes and culinary herbs. Products are made from both locally grown organic herbs and herbs sourced from quality herbal suppliers. One, two or three pick-ups are available during the growing season. Sign up deadline...

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