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Herbal CSA In The Shop

Beginning this year Soothing Herbals is offering the opportunity for you to join a community- supported, locally grown healthcare movement with our first Medicinal Herbal CSA. The Medicinal Herbal CSA is designed to support general health, prevent illness and cope with minor issues such as colds, flus, burns and minor wounds. Shares will contain various herbal tinctures, tea blends, syrups, elixirs, salves, infused oils, essential oils, crèmes and culinary herbs. Products are made from both locally grown organic herbs and herbs sourced from quality herbal suppliers. One, two or three pick-ups are available during the growing season. Sign up deadline is April 10, 2011. More info is available at this link: Medicinal Herbal CSA We will keep our subscribers informed to any change that may occur. We are excited about this program and thank you for your support, because you are the reason why we do it. The Herbal CSA is also available to non-locals; so don’t let distance keep you from joining. We will be adding more info soon so please check back.

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